2 tracks of our first studio EP. Recorded [mostly live] at Tonstudio Andi Schorpp in Karlsruhe you can purchase the record [6 tracks] in our online store via strawberrycorn.com or www.facebook.com/cornsite


released July 13, 2013

mixed and mastered by Andi Schorpp
artwork by ocvlvs design
all words and music by Strawberry Corn



all rights reserved


STRAWBERRY CORN Karlsruhe, Germany

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Track Name: Pistol Shrimp
Imagine the faintest muscular twitch / Could make your opponent fall / Wouldn’t it be easy to release this force / Evoked by your thoughts? / Would you silence them all? / Would you just switch Them off? / Because they’re talking / And talking / And laughing and screaming without saying a thing / Would you silence who needs to be silenced? / Or just everyone? / Would you silence who needs to be silenced? / And wouldn’t that be everyone? / Rationality won’t confine / The impulse of a stirred mind / And a thought has no consciousness / A thought cannot think / Can not reflect / An impulse doesn’t care / It won’t select / When it triggers / It will / Affect you all / When it triggers / It will / Make you fall / But now that the world is on mute / There’s still no relief / Still no one to talk to / Which from now on can never change / But you still can hear / Piercing your brain from inside / How they keep talking / And talking / And laughing / And screaming without saying a thing / Constantly repeating
Track Name: Tides
At leas I'm safe in here / I hear my own voice / From the depths of the sea / Telling stories of my life / Stories which have more of tales / The water shows reflections of / Experience I’ve never made / And never will / Since will bows to the affect / I fear something´s lurking / Beneath in the dark / The ocean plays with the / Nutshell I call my ark / I grasp onto the bars of my window / And scream out to the tides / Longing for nothing / More than to get outside / Not noticing at all / The door is open wide / On top of the highest mountain / Watching the world from above / Exalted / But never felt so alone / This singularity / Means Isolation / Means tranquility / Means desperation / I had to climb so high / And to fall much deeper / To burst of strength / And to shake from fever / To recognize / I’m a prisoner of my mind
Track Name: The Maze
Waking up in the maze again / The one in which I've always been / Where everything´s familiar / So depressing familiar / And I take the first step / Driven by the hope to / Maybe leave today / Or perhaps tomorrow / And that leaving may / End my smothering sorrow / Every time I have to turn / It takes away a part of me / I'm leaving my mind / As breadcrumps on the floor / Constantly exhausted / But unable to stop / Circular logic keeps me in motion / Am I trapped inside the maze? / Or is the maze within myself? / Within the maze / within myself / Within my mind / It winds and winds and winds / Everything feels like I've done it before